Internsystem Core

Internal system Core is a framework that is part of all our in-house developed systems. Internal Core includes a login system, a page management system, multilingual management. Internal Core system can be customized with several modules. Below are some examples of modules we have, but there are many more.

The login system in Core uses several different types of encryption algorithms for the best possible security in relation to performance. We have constant control over what is happening in the security market and adapt Core so that it is always updated against any intrusions.

The page management system is there for you to present information easily on your platform. You have the opportunity to view any type of content, e.g. HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, XML, JSON, SQL and Stylesheets.

Multilingual management is a system that easily gives you the opportunity to show your platform in several different languages, it also has the flexibility to offer other than just different languages. You can also use it to offer several currencies etc. on your platform.

Internsystem TestCore
TestCore is a set of small tools that help you test and develop your platform.

External modules and APIs
Of course, Core can be customized with external modules that can connect to Core via a simple API. Some examples are Fortnox, Klarna, Paypal, Unifaun Online and many others. You can integrate these modules directly on your platform so that it can be on your intranet or have the modules on an external CDN service.

The main point of Core is that it’s easy to connect to different platforms such as WordPress, Prestashop and OSCommerce.

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