We here at Internsystem Sverige AB have a goal to do all we can for the environment. We aim to do some real changes for the environment and eCommerce as a whole not just buy shares to make us carbon neutral that many other companies do. We are parents and want to be able to do our part in a sustainable future for all children. Here below you can see some of the steps we’ve taken so far.

Completed steps

  • Reuse clean boxes when shipping out products to our customers. (2019)
  • Not selling any single use products, instead ordering only multi-use products, such as ice cream molds. (2019)
  • Replaced the tape that our boxes are wrapped with from plastic to paper with natural rubber glue. (2020)
  • Products with short date are given to customers or employees so there is zero food waste. (2020)
  • Reuse clean paper shopping bags for local pickups. (2021)
  • Replaced the plastic pellets in our boxes with packing paper. (2021)
  • Applied and got deposit fee (pant) for our cans and bottles through Returpack, it’s a legal requirement for selling sodas and anything that is brewed such as ice tea/coffee in a can or a plastic bottle. (2021)
  • Replaced printed papers in orders with a digital packing system, reduces both paper and printer use. (2021)
  • Running some of our systems on low-voltage power to reduce power usage, such as certain computers running on a Raspberry Pi Zero (uses less than 1W of power). (2021)