Internsystem was founded in 2007 by Peter Palma and Bob Dahlberg who were a student and teacher in IT. Then we started the development of a book publishing system and during its development we noticed that we needed to add more expertise and then incorporated Rikard Glans into the company, Rikard has since moved on, and then in 2019 Bob decided to retire. And only Peter together with his wife Mary remain as owner of Internsystem today. With the retirement of Bob, the company switched focus a bit from being a pure development company to a company owning and running web shops selling food.

Peter Palma
Peter står för större delen av programmeringen som sker på Internsystem, utveckling av både front-end och back-end system. Peter är specialist på PHP, Javascript, Stylesheets och SQL. Han har arbetat inom IT sedan han var bara 14 år gammal och hjälpte till med dator systemen på Finnair där hans mamma jobbade.